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Freight transport in Ukraine

Transportation of cargo across Ukraine can be done by yourself, but it is associated with many problems and difficulties. You need to find transport, arrange a rental, ask friends for help, pay for fuel, choose a road and much more. Because of this, the delivery process can take several months, take a lot of effort and money, so it will be much more logical to use the services of cargo delivery to Ukraine from experienced masters. More details

International freight transport

Our company has been carrying out international transportation for a long time. We have done everything possible to meet the requirements, maintain constant communication with the organizations establishing rules and make adjustments to our activities when changes appear in the legal framework regulating freight transportation. More details

Apartment moving

In order to deliver all your movable property to the destination, it is best to use the opportunities of the company, which can provide favorable conditions for apartment transportation of things in Ukraine. Prices can vary significantly, depending on the volume and nature of the cargo being transported, and of course the final cost is affected by the distance from the point of origin to the final point. More details

Other transportation

Transportation of objects with non-standard overall dimensions is carried out in compliance with a number of conditions that ultimately determine the result. Transportation of oversized cargo requires obtaining a special permit, which in some cases may delay its transportation. The capabilities of the Don-trans company allow you to quickly issue all the necessary documents and deliver any cargo to the specified address. More details

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