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Our works

Transportation of car mufflers from the factory in Warsaw - to the car market "Losk" Kharkiv

Customs clearance at the border. To accomplish this task, a tarpaulin vehicle with a carrying capacity of 22 tons and a volume of 92 m3 was provided. The cargo was securely fixed.
The border crossing took place at the checkpoint Yagodin-Dorogusk, the waiting time was 24 hours, the total travel time was 4 days.
Distance 1300 km." clamp="show more " less="show less">

Urgent delivery of humanitarian cargo from Kyiv to liberated Kherson

Evacuation of enterprise equipment weighing 7.5 tons. Kramatorsk to Kyiv

Delivery of medical equipment in wooden boxes weighing 4 tons. from Warsaw to Kyiv

Transportation of equipment in wooden boxes with a total weight of 6 tons. from Dnipro to Mukachevo

Transportation of disassembled furniture weighing 1.5 tons, volume 15 m3 from the Dnieper to Kyiv